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Where Storytelling meets Technology

Using the latest game technology to re-enchant the world!

ReddLock is a young Dutch Indie (Serious) Game Studio, founded in 2016 by student entrepreneur Juliëtte van der Laarse, and recently made the switch from Client-side to In-house production. ReddLock specialises in the development of Augmented- and Virtual Reality software for (i.a.) educational, awareness or training purposes.

ReddLock can be characterized as dynamic, innovative, enthusiastic, ambitious and idealistic. ReddLock puts quality over quantity and prides itself for its academic touch, transparency and social responsibility. The team consists of a large pool of students, a solid network of freelancers, (affiliated) professionals and collaborating partners.

We believe gamification is the key to keep working, teaching and learning as intuitive as possible in this rapidly changing – and sometimes estranging – age of technology.

We focus on conjoining technology with strong visuals, narrative and gamification. This is what we refer to as the ‘interactive storytelling lense’. By applying this lense on technologies (which are potentially alienating) and their fundamental mechanisms, we make explaining and interaction with them easier and more accessible.

Additionally, we aim to contribute to the (game) development- and academic community, and society at large. We are also an accredited work placement company, training the innovators of the future.

We aim to work and communicate as transparent as possible. We see no reason why fellow developers and academics should reinvent the wheel, and we want them to benefit from our work as well. We are progressive and believe that creating and sharing knowledge is of the utmost importance.

We also value honest and open communication and feedback. We strongly encourage free debate and critique.There is always a chance that we’ve missed something or can improve somewhere!

Project: ScienceTales

• CERN       • Quantum physics curriculum       • Elementary Schools       • Educational AR

ScienceTales: CERN is an Augmented Reality educational package that takes elementary school kids on a fairytale-like interactive journey filled with abstract concepts such as atoms and even quantum physics, guided and inspired by the four main CERN experiments: ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb. 

With a transdisciplinary approach we combine (game) development, business and academics to create an international science curriculum which will be available in several languages.One of the running themes of this project is the diversity and inclusivity of both role-models and education itself. It is an idealistic project that brings together many of our personal interests, passions and ideals. Working on this project is realizing our dream!

With this project we will educate children on the many experiments from CERN and the science behind them. We also want to make them aware of the many jobs involved in designing, building, and maintaining the experiments. Not to mention the many jobs involved to share all the data with the world!

The more technology advances, the more schools are expected to teach a science curriculum. With our ScienceTales: CERN curriculum with aim to assist teachers in doing just that. Knowing fully well that the content of this curriculum is new for most teachers as well we are also designing a teacher-portal that will help and guide them as much as possible.

Not only will ScienceTales: CERN teach children the basics of physics, chemistry and math, they will also learn the relevance of these subjects. The younger they get excited about these topics, the better they will perform in science classes later on. Making their chances of studying science or engineering, and eventually becoming a scientist or engineer bigger.

Of course we want to make sure that every child gets the chance to become a scientist or engineer. And working with game characters we realised that they could function as role models. We therefore decided to make them as inclusive as possible. But proper representation is just half of the inclusivity. We wanted to make sure that children with different learning needs would be included as well. Thus we are also researching curriculum design for children with special needs, or – how we prefer to call it – extra awesomeness.

With this project we aim to educate the scientists and technicians of the future and increase the pool of graduate scientific and technical professionals. Technology is not a trend, technology is the future. A future we should prepare for. Although we strongly believe that ScienceTales will make a significant difference, we can’t possible take on this tremendous task by ourselves. Thus we have no ambition to ‘fight’ our so-called competitors. We rather shake hands, knowing fully well that it is this competition that keeps us sharp and makes sure all of us will deliver high quality science curriculums. We are not alone in this dream to educate the future generation. This is a movement. And we plan on growing it by sharing the knowledge we gain. For this mission we have initiated the following hashtags and we encourage dreamers and developers who share this goal to use it. Because:

#OurFutureIsTech                 #WeBetterPrepare


Project: Crisisplan

• Urban Terrorism     • Crisis Simulation       • Dutch cities in VR      • VR training

This project is named after our partner in ‘crime’, Crisisplan. In short we aim to digitalise prominent Dutch cities and simulate a crisis taking place there. Through Virtual Reality hardware participants can freely walk through- and interact with the digitalised cities, experience a terrorist attack and learn how to properly deal with it. Unfortunately, we can’t publish more about this project at the moment, but you will be updated as soon as we can.


Did you get as excited about our projects as we are? Are you interested in working with us or would you just like some extra information? Please, feel free to contact us or even drop by at HUBspot for a cup of tea of coffee! We maintain an open door policy. Do, however, email us beforehand to ensure that we are not out off the HUBspot working space, attending business meetings or lectures elsewhere.

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