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ReddLock Studios is a young company that creates innovative augmented reality, virtual reality, and 360 degrees photos & videos.

However, we have a mission.

Did you know that only 21% of all programmers in the Netherlands are female? That only 13 of the 500 biggest companies have a female CEO? That men do not receive parental leave at most companies? That people with autism or ADHD are often regarded as ‘too much work’ and thus have difficulties finding a job? That age discrimination in IT often begins at 35? And that introverted individuals often do not get the same opportunities as the more extroverted ones?

These are just some of the issues that we wish to tackle. Some are of great concern; others are issues that most people are not aware of.

Because we have experienced some of these issues ourselves, we are very passionate about improving their situation or making them disappear.

We do not discriminate based on age, gender, personality traits, or other elements of diversity. We believe that diversity is the key to creativity and thus embrace and nurture all who we believe have potential.

But we aim to do more.

We wish to contribute something to the planet, and we accomplish this by being socially and ecologically responsible and sustainable.

ReddLock is working on: getting certificates among which the ISO certificate 26000,collaborating with non-profit organizations and education institutions, initiating and supporting movements, having a Green Office, and ReddLock is involved in giving back to the community through charity and good-will missions.

We hope that our way of working is able to revolutionize the way business is done and that it can perform as an example for other companies, can encourage individuals to be more responsible and sustainable, and can directly benefit those in need of help.

Read more about our what, why and how’s in the subsections below, or download the comprehensive explanation as PDF!

At this moment, we are still updating our website, but the full content will be uploaded soon.

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ISO 26000
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We abhor the fact that only 21% of programmers are female in the Netherlands, and that this number is declining, even though the profession began as a woman’s job. Some suggest that this has to do with the fact that girls do not have the right role-model, and view the IT field as a world for geeks.

Females in IT often experience sexism, little acknowledgment, and less salary. This is also the case for women in higher positions. Only thirteen of the 500 largest companies have female CEO’s. Equality on the work floor is rare, especially looking at salary (women still often earn only 60-75% of what men earn) and parental leave, for which men are often overlooked.

But not at ReddLock, we offer equal opportunities of, guidance for, and treatment of male and female employees, and we strive to have a 50/50 (male to female) ratio. However, we aim to do even more!

Did you know that we support the movements #WomeninSTEM, #WomeninTech, and #WomeninGames, that we were present at Microsoft Girls Day 2016, and that we are discussing the possibility of a Dutch branch of Girls in Tech?

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Only a diverse team is able to represent the whole of society, and diversity is also the key to creativity, an important aspect for a studio.

Our personal experience has taught us that the IT-sector is full of people with autism, ADHD/ADD and introverts. Unfortunately, they often do not receive the right guidance and/or support, and experience difficulties with this in their study or during their career.

Having people with autism, ADHD/ADD, and introverts as colleagues or employees and striving to improve their situation is very important to us. We aim to make our workplace an enjoyable space for everybody and to provide everybody with the right guidance and appreciation.

Another issue in the workforce or specifically of the IT-sector is age discrimination. Especially in the IT-sector, this begins at the ripe age of 35. Children between the ages 13 and 15 are also often passed over, while it is important for them to develop their interests, experiences, and talents at that age, to be able to make the right choices concerning education and future paths to take. You can find more on how we help people of this last age category at IMPROVING EDUCATION. ReddLock believes that age does not defy qualities and talents.

We also believe that not having the right education should not be a hindrance. It often happens that people feel forced to choose a field of study when they are not ready to do so yet, due to a lack of experience. We focus on motivation and passion, and portfolio as well. We dubbed this the People with Potential Principle.

Did you know that we work with the NVA (Nederlands Verbond van Autisme; Dutch Association of Autism), that we initiated the movement #PowertotheIntrovert, that we hope to train certain employees to become specialized in guiding people with autism and ADHD/ADD, and that we welcome anyone who wishes to work or intern at ReddLock, no matter their age, education or experience?

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We, personally, or our colleagues/employees have experience with previous companies that didn’t include them in- and inform them about the decision-making, and that did not always take the opinion of its employees into account. At times, employees are seen too much as ‘random workers’.

We believe that acknowledging our employees as unique individuals, as members of the ReddLock family fits our idea of a young creative company and our new way of working.

By being transparent and honest to our employees, including them in decision-making and encouraging them to give feedback, we aim to improve our workplace to benefit the whole company as well as all our individual ReddLock family members.

Did you know that several of our employees perform as ambassadors and movement agents, and as such we provide them with the support and guidance to help them develop and become great speakers, at for instance events?

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To make more people passionate about the field of IT, to support personal growth, and because we are aware of the difficulty of choosing a study program at the age of 14 and the right major after high school for 17 year-olds, we are very active in improving education in various ways.

We try to do this by generating an interest for IT and offering them some experience with it at high school-level.

Apart from that, we also have experienced that IT-students or graduates often do not possess up-to-date skills, that schools struggle to continually adapt their curriculum, and that they aren’t always offered sufficient internship and thesis guidance by either the school or the company that should collaborate with the school.

We stress the importance of companies collaborating better with schools and universities, as we see it as the responsibility of companies to help create good future employees.

Did you know that we hold guest lectures and workshops at schools, that we offer taster internships, that we are in the field-professionals committee of ROC-Leiden and Game Studies Network Leiden, that we perform as both mentor and client for a high school ‘technacium’ team from Kaj Munk College, and that we are certified by ICLON to offer thesis guidance and better internship guidance?

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Because we believe that the new way of working also means being transparent, honest, loyal and sincere towards our clients and interested-ones, we do our best to implement these in everything we do.

Our contracts are available beforehand and there is the possibility to discuss these before starting our collaboration. We will also discuss what the regularity of the communication throughout the project is that the client prefers. Depending on their choice they will receive e-mail updates every week, every other week, or at the ending of every sprint. Regular meetings will be discussed in advance as well so both parties will know what to expect and there will be no miscommunication.

Adding to this, we will open a Client Portal on our website soon, in which clients can login and follow the progress and process of their product.

We also believe in the Open Source Principle, which means that (parts of) the code of our own projects and products for clients – provided they have agreed with this –  will be shared open-source.

Every client wants their product protected and safe to use. But for some of our clients, privacy, security, and protection of their product is of major importance. We thus are currently implementing ISO 27001, scan our employees if necessary, and aim to get two employees CEH-v9 certified in the near future.

Did you know that we use gentlemen’s agreements, believe in the Open Source Principle, and are working to get ISO certificates 27001 for cyber security and ISO 9001:2015 for quality management and assurance?

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We view the environment as something important to protect and we wish to do something back for the earth. That’s why we have a member in our team that focusses on a Sustainability and Green Office Strategy. We try to implement an environmental responsibility for everything we do as ReddLock. This responsibility begins first of all at our Green Office but we include increasing awareness and encouraging others to be more responsible as well.

We are a small company and thus do not generate or use a lot of waste, paper, water, and electricity. We always try to use only what’s necessary, but what we do generate or use, we separate, recycle and/or donate. We try to be conscious about the products we buy and the food we eat as well, and encourage our employees to use greener forms of transportation.

Apart from our own office, we also try to increase the awareness of people in general by encouraging them to be more environmentally-friendly. We do this via our own employees who in turn spread the word, as we will be implementing certain eco-events and concepts, and we spread the word via our social media platforms. We try to do this in a fun and interesting way, as we do not aim to be environmental activists but a renewing, inspiring, young company.

Did you know that we will be planting trees as business outing with the Dutch organisation Trees For All, that we love having lunches at a sustainable lunchroom, and that we plan to design sustainable ReddLock longboards and bicycles for our employees in the future?

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Everyone carries a certain responsibility to contribute, in a positive way, to life. Companies especially can have an interesting role in this. They consist of several or a lot of people, have a big effect on their direct environment, and are important for the near future and the development of the far future.

As we feel this responsibility and want to give something back to the community, we donate 10% of our profit to charities related to our field. These charities can range from Educate Girls, who aim to get more girls in India educated by tackling gender inequality, via Dean, who work on advancing digital education in Africa, to NVA, who aim for better autism acceptance.

Apart from donating our own profit, we also give our clients the opportunity to choose to donate to one of the charities that we support.

Last but not least: we organise goodwill missions. These can range from creating an app for the Dutch organisation SIRE that asks awareness for certain social issues, to holding a Game Jam to raise money for a charity or a person. If we are inspired or touched by a certain story, we will ask awareness and support for it, and these causes do not have to be organisations but can be a person that deserves support as well.

Did you know that 10% of our profit goes to charities related to our field, that we have a charity-donation-counter showing what we ourselves or our clients have donated to charities, and that we hold goodwill missions such as a supported 24 hour Game Jam for a good cause?

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ReddLock is a company that works with the latest technology and even new and revolutionary ideas. The future is something very interesting to us. In our mind, this future is one of knowledge, development, respect, and collaboration.

Once a week, we have a discussion afternoon, wherein the ReddLock family discusses with each other the future of gaming, VR and AR, and new techniques and ideas, and how to implement these, so to improve the quality of life. You can read more on how we try to improve AR, VR, 360°, gaming and programming, and education, in the section on TRANSPARENCY AND HONESTY concerning the subsection Open Source, and IMPROVING EDUCATION.

To contribute to the development of AR, VR, 360°, gaming and programming, we collaborate with certain organisations and education institutions and share our knowledge and experience via for example Open Source with all who is interested.

Something that we are very excited about, is our plan to create our own AR/VR lab, which will contain the latest technologies. It will be open for all who is interested, whether they are start-ups, Game Development students or curious and motivated individuals.

In the future, once our company has grown to our ideal size of 40 to 60 employees, we will be starting our own Research & Development department. Here, members of our team will brainstorm about and do research on the latest developments and how to further improve our company, the field of IT, and the quality of life.

Did you know that we discuss the  future of gaming, VR and AR and how they could improve life weekly, that we implement new technologies and ideas in our company, collaborate with Game Studies Network Leiden, spread our ideas Open Source, and that we will start our own AR/VR lab and Research & Development department?

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